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Genshin Impact Keqing Impression Theme Mechanical Keyboard

Genshin Impact Keqing Impression Theme Mechanical Keyboard

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Genshin Impact Merchandise

Keqing Impression Theme Mechanical Keyboard

Product Parameters
  • Size: around 44cm X 13cm
  • Keycap Craftsmanship: Hot sublimation
  • Keycap Material: PBT (high content)
  • Cable Management Channels: 3 ways
  • Connectivity: Type-C to USB (default), Type-C to Type-C supported
  • Keyswtich: TTC Gold Pink Keyswitch / TTC Speed Silver Keyswitch / TTC Silent Bluish White Keyswitch
About TTC Keyswitches

TTC Gold Pink Keyswitch
  • Recommended for : office work
  • Soft and comfortable hand feeling
  • Smoother keypress
  • Operating Force: 37g
TTC Speed Silver Keyswitch
  • Recommended for: gaming / entertainment
  • Clearer keypress
  • Pre-travel: 1.08
  • Operating Force: 45g

TTC Silent Bluish White Keyswitch
  • Recommended for: study / quiet environment
  • Key base equipped with elastic body, which greatly reduces (by ~80%) the sound from the keys when in press
  • Quieter keypress
There may be errors in manual measurement of the size and may differ by ±3mm, please refer to the actual product for accurate measurements.
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