Frequently Asked Question [FAQ]

Q: How does the order processing work?

A: Once the payment is confirmed, we will process the order immediately. Upon the arrival of the goods at our warehouse, we will package it neatly and safely before shipping it over to you.

Q: How long is the average shipping time?

A: Based on the past order delivery time data, most orders will be delivered to you within 1 to 2 weeks of starting shipping. [Please note that there is a 2-10 business day Processing Time before shipping.]
Reasons for Longer Processing:
- Processing time from Flagship Store
- Time for delivery from Flagship Store to our Warehouse
- Time for shipping confirmation and pickup [For International Shipment]

Q: Are there additional order fees?

A: No any additional fee. Product price is the total price. (For choosing the Free shipping shipping option.)

Q: Are you related to Mihoyo or Genshin Impact?

A: Whotao is NOT a representative of the companies and by no means pretending to be an official channel. Here Whotao serves as a middleman to help purchase your desired official products through official channels and manage the exporting and shipping for you.

Q: Are you sure you can/are authorised to sell Genshin Impact merchandise?

A: There is no hard law that official/authentic items cannot be re-sold. It's fair as the items are purchased from Mihoyo's flagship store itself, meaning that the products are official and your purchases and funds will go to and through them. Furthermore, we've established ourselves as a middle man of no affiliation to them, and only serve to make your purchases fuss-free!