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Genshin Impact Floating Hydro Fungus Night Lamp

Genshin Impact Floating Hydro Fungus Night Lamp

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Genshin Impact Merchandise

Floating Hydro Fungus Night Lamp

Product List:

Night Light x1
USB Type-C Charging Cable x1
Instruction Manual x1

Dimensions: Approximately 170mm x 180mm x 160mm Materials: Silicone, ABS, PVC Input Parameters: DC 5V/1A Maximum Power: 1.2W Battery Capacity: 1500mAh

Experience the comforting presence of the adorable Hydro Fungus during your sleep. Simply pat it to power on and enjoy its soft, eye-pleasing light. Choose from 3 levels of brightness for your desired ambiance.

Important Usage Notes for the Product:

Initial Charging: Please ensure to fully charge the product before initial use. It is recommended to use a charger with 5V/1A output. During charging, the indicator light will turn green and automatically switch off when fully charged.

Power On/Off: To power on or off the product, press and hold the switch. A gentle tap on the product can change between three levels of luminous brightness.

Regular Charging: If the product is not used frequently, it is advisable to turn off the power switch and charge it every 20 days to prevent battery damage.

Battery Life: To extend the battery life, avoid prolonged usage while plugged in.

Adult Supervision: Keep in mind that children under the age of 14 should use this product under adult supervision.

Eye Safety: Avoid direct exposure of the emitted light to the eyes at close range to prevent eye damage.

Disassembly and Environment: Do not attempt to disassemble the product by yourself. Avoid using the product in high-temperature or humid environments.

Cleaning: Use a soft towel to gently wipe the surface if it gets dirty. Avoid using alcohol or volatile liquids for cleaning.

Storage: Store the product in a fireproof, moisture-proof, and dry environment, ensuring proper care to maintain its quality.

Please follow these guidelines for a safe and optimal experience with the product.


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